Mixed Chicks!

10 Jun

Hey Loves,
My first Natural hair product that I will be trying is the “Detangling Deep Conditioner” by “Mixed Chicks”. Special thanks to the lovely Philly Jams Poet who swears by this conditioner. (You can check her out at: http://phillyzjampoet.blogspot.com/?m=1)

I’ve read a bunch of reviews on this product and according to my hair type of which is 3c, Mixed Chicks seemed to be perfect as recommended. Mixed Chicks deep conditioner will reduce breakage which means more growth. I will be Co-Washing my hair with this conditioner and I will definitely be talking more about Co-Washing and other natural hair products as I develop a hair regimen that best ensures the best results for me. I just learned what my hair type was yesterday.. had no clue… this is all new to me but it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to researching and learning. When it comes to your hair, most of us think we have it figured out.. well speaking for myself. The detail to hair growth is so elaborate and meticulous but I’m certainly up for it! Has anyone else used Mixed Chicks? Please feel free to share any natural hair tips, products,or reviews.



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